A Turtle Named Lovey

    A Turtle Named Lovey
    “Girl Turtle.” © DivineROAR.

    Lovey the Turtle was sweet as could be.
    She loved all the things her eyes could see.
    She knew she was slow, but she didn’t mind.
    Her beautiful heart was one of a kind.

    One day when Lovey was out and about,
    Pickle the Pig knocked her down with his snout.
    She flipped on her back with her legs in the air!
    Pickle just laughed as he stranded her there!

    Lovey wiggled, jiggled, squirmed, and wriggled.
    She jerked, and lurched, and twitched, and squiggled.
    So out of breath from trying to tip,
    Poor little Lovey just couldn’t flip.

    Along came Dovey, a kind little girl,
    Whose favorite thing was to whirl and twirl.
    She spun up to Lovey and cried, “Oh, no!”
    “Poor little turtle! I’ll help! Let’s go!”

    Dovey held Lovey safe under her arm,
    And took her back home to her daddy’s farm.
    She placed little Lovey inside of a box,
    Gave her some lettuce, and a bed made of socks.

    Pickle the Pig came trudging along,
    Sneezing and snorting and singing a song.
    “Help me, Pickle!” little Lovey cried.
    “Put me on your back, and give me a ride!”

    Pickle agreed and tipped over the box.
    Out rolled Lovey with all of the socks.
    She climbed onto Pickle, and off they went,
    Until they were spotted by old farmer Gent.

    “Pickle, I see that you’re up to no good.
    Give me that turtle like a good pig should!”
    Gent removed Lovey from on Pickle’s back.
    Then came Dovey twirling ’round with a snack.

    “Dad, she’s mine. I brought her some food.”
    “Dovey, you can’t keep a turtle. It’s rude.
    You must take her back to her home, you see.
    She lives in a place where she’s meant to be.”

    Dovey loved Lovey but knew Dad was right.
    She scooped Lovey up and hugged her tight.
    “I’m sorry I took you away from your home.
    I’m taking you back so you’re free to roam!”

    Dovey took Lovey back to the wild.
    She might’ve been sad, but she still smiled.
    Lovey was happy to be back in her spot.
    Her silly adventure she never forgot.

    Copyright © 2021-2024 Irene Bratton

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