Beyond the Amber Hills

    Beyond the Amber Hills
    Beyond the Amber Hills
    “Sunny mountain landscape.” © Leonidtit.

    My mem’ry plays a film in dazzling hues
    Of amber grasses rippling in a storm,
    And rainfall ceasing as the sun pursues.

    Alarming clouds retreat while breezes swarm;
    Pearlescent light explodes ’pon tumbling hills,
    Inspiring sheltered creatures to perform.

    I watch through misted panes as charm fulfills,
    Admiring sparrows flitting ’bout the grass,
    Enjoying nature’s treats within their bills.

    I step to life astir beyond the glass,
    Where azure skies and iris blooms salute,
    Conspiring with the sparrows as I pass.

    I pluck a lucky clover ’long my route,
    Beholding graceful monarchs while they dance,
    And humming tunes with bees amidst the fruit.

    I giggle at the ponies while they prance,
    Proceeding for the land beyond the gate,
    Improving rhythm ’fore I miss my chance.

    I squint as plunging sunlight nears its fate.
    My skin delights as grasses brush my limbs,
    Enlivened by sensations they create.

    I glimpse the river’s level at its brims,
    And pause to skip a pebble ’cross its veil,
    Intently counting ripples while it skims.

    Resuming pace on my resplendent trail,
    I spot a whitetail with her fragile fawn,
    Amazed as they go bounding for the vale.

    I hasten onward ’fore the light is gone,
    Traversing amber hills — a treasured scene —

    To reach that sprawling giant boasting brawn.

    Discov’ring my reward in em’rald green,
    I climb devoted boughs to take my place,
    Awaiting heaven’s glow in warm citrine.

    The master artist paints the skies with grace,
    Provoking me to sigh amongst the leaves,
    Reliving thrills I witnessed ’long my chase.

    Reclining ’gainst the giant’s pitted sleeves,
    I bask in colors bursting ’cross the blue,
    Rejoicing in the warmth my heart receives.

    Adoring creamy tones I never knew —
    Arrays of orange, pink, and yellow shades —
    I’m awestruck by the mural in my view.

    Majestic swirls subside as night persuades,
    Convincing me to wish they could remain;
    I shed a tear as ling’ring light cascades.

    My lengthy trip was truly worth the gain,
    ’Cause nothing rivals sunset after rain.

    Copyright © 2021-2024 Irene Bratton

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