Fatherless Day

    “Cute small girl embracing her superhero father…” © Strelciuc Dumitru.

    Pleasures splash in childish dreams;
    Candor drips from hidden seams.
    Echoes flash through hazy streaks;
    Lying lips caress my cheeks.

    Laughter melts before your wrongs;
    Sunlight bleeds from joyful songs.
    Sorrow pelts unguarded skies;
    Darkness breeds in twinkling eyes.

    Voices crowd unblemished thoughts;
    Signals swirl unyielding knots.
    Simpers cloud tormenting truth;
    Wrinkles curl round stolen youth.

    Naked walls declare your name;
    Passions seep in search of blame.
    Empty halls resound your pace;
    Heartstrings weep your haunting face.

    Copyright © 2023-2024 Irene Bratton

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