Southern Summer

    Summer Nature Sonnet Contest Winner

    “Beautiful landscape with red hammock…” © Eleonora Grigorjeva.

    The saffron sky of early morning rings,
    Arousing birds to flit within my view.
    Harmonic tunes commence as nature sings,
    And saffron yields its symphony to blue.

    The warmth of afternoon ignites a spark,
    Provoking me to lounge beneath the trees.
    While pondering this journey I embark,
    I watch a butterfly upon the breeze.

    As evening bows respectfully to night,
    The crickets call from dewdrops glossing green.
    Amidst an ocean boasting silver light,
    The brimming moon prevails as nature’s queen.

    In summertime is where my spirit lives;
    So, thankfully, again tomorrow gives.

    Copyright © 2023-2024 Irene Bratton

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