Gina Troisi, M. F. A., English & Creative Writing Adjunct Faculty, Southern New Hampshire University

    Gina Troisi
    Gina Troisi

    I am an author and teacher, and I’ve had the pleasure of having Irene in a creative writing course at Southern New Hampshire University. Irene is a fabulous writer, with natural talent and skilled, admirable control over her craft. She is not afraid to approach deep, difficult topics, and she does so with humor and grace, which is not an easy feat. Her work is compelling, gripping, and unflinching, and her dedication to her work, as well as her commitment to helping others, is continuously apparent.

    Since I teach a workshop-based course, I have also had the pleasure of witnessing Irene offer feedback to her classmates. Her honest, kind, but helpful constructive criticism is exceptional.  She is detailed and thorough, and asks important, probing questions. I have no doubt that no matter what your writing project might be, Irene can help you take it to the next level. You will be fortunate to have Irene as your guide.

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