Jenne Knight, writer, editor, instructor

    Jenne Knight
    Jenne Knight

    I worked with Irene in a nonfiction writing workshop, and I was immediately impressed by her commitment to writing and lifelong learning. She is serious about writing and broadening her writing skills. For example, her nonfiction project wasn’t just a paper for class; rather, it was a meaningful essay that would receive continued revision outside the confines of an 8-week workshop.

    I admired Irene’s attention to tone and her voice; she doesn’t shy away from showing flaws, which allows for the self-discovery and reflection that is so appealing in personal essays. In addition, her dialogue is smooth and seamless. It’s easy to immerse yourself in her scenes, just taking in the natural ways in which her characters interact. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Irene in the nonfiction workshop, as she is both receptive to feedback about her work and engaged and insightful in the feedback she provides. I highly recommend working with her!

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