M. B. Leibowitz, PhD

    M. B. Leibowitz, PhD

    Irene Bratton’s caring heart, brilliant mind, willingness to learn new things, and wise gentleness in making suggestions or giving advice make her a highly likeable person to know, and good friend to have. If you decide to hire her for a task, you won’t be disappointed with her efforts. She does not turn out “quick and dirty” work for fastest delivery, but takes the time to produce quality results at reasonable cost.

    I have been helping others with their writing for over sixty years, from classmates in high school to my managers at work when they had key reports to send up the line and wanted to be certain no errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling, or word usage were included. Decades ago, on my way to my doctorate, I had to self-teach to hone my expertise, as there were no courses available at my level.

    Now I am a self-published author of a literary art book of both poetry and prose, for which I designed the book, implemented the cover art and text, processed the many (mostly color) illustrations throughout, and even hand-typeset the entire text for best appearance. The book’s poems span hundreds of years, including famous masterworks of the past, several gems whose authors are unknown, plus some of the best work of contemporary poets whom I personally know all over the world, who graciously agreed to contribute when I asked.

    Irene Bratton is one of them. She came to me asking for help with her poetry because she had trouble grasping the key concept of poetic meter. I explained that it was just like the rhythm beat in music, and gave her some examples. Within days, her bright mind produced an entirely new poetic form, complete with effective meter and its own unexpectedly complex rhyme scheme that instantly earned praise on the international writers’ site we both belong to. That poem is now awaiting publication in the third edition of my literary art book, and she kindly consented when I asked about another.

    Several other writers who have seen my book have asked me to help them publish books of their own because I can surpass what the “professionals” do at a fraction of the cost. As a result, I am booked solid for at least another year, with authors lined up waiting. Irene’s rapid learning ability makes her a candidate to help me with some tasks, so I continue to help her grow into that role in the near future. That means her skill set will continue to expand, making her more and more worthy of being hired for whatever service you may need.

    Meanwhile, you may find much of interest in her blog posts.

    M. B. Leibowitz, PhD
    Book and Cover Designer, Editor,
    Publisher, Manual Typesetter, plus
    Published Author of Poetry and Prose


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