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    Who am I?

    My name is Irene, and I’m a writer. I’m also an aspiring novelist, poet, writing lab tutor, and mother and homeschool teacher to four amazing kids. I’m experienced in relationships — some dysfunctional and some not so bad — mental health, religion, controversy, online education, and academic research. I’m honest, reliable, and an expert multitasker. My time-management skills are superior, and I look forward to meeting my next deadline!

    What do I do?

    I specialize in proofreading, long-form content writing, researching, and tutoring. I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in General Studies with a focus on writing and creative expression from Southern New Hampshire University. I love writing, and I love helping others improve their writing skills.

    Since I am a proud lifelong learner, I approach education with enthusiasm. I’m a tough teacher, so I take pride in the fact that my children are all straight-A students. I’m more than qualified to be a tutor for grades K-12 and a student advisor or mentor for college students. I’ve taken courses in everything from programming to cellular biology to creative writing. It took time to discover, but I found I’m most passionate about writing.

    I have written numerous academic essays and several creative nonfiction pieces and poems that have placed very well in contests. I have also critiqued the writing of many peers and received praise from professors for my attention to detail, creativity, honesty, and thoughtful feedback. If your needs relate to anything you’ve read so far, I can do it!

    I'm ready!